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While we had ly used a Gartner Maturity Model to figure out how far along our organization was, we found their recommendations to be too high level to define an actionable roadmap.

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After some discussion, we determined that we could use the NIST Cybersecurity Framework to not only assess our maturity, but also define risk in our environment and create a roadmap. This talk will not only show you how we did it, but how you can do it too!

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There is an undeniable need for security policies and mitigation strategies to review more security principles than the common CIA triad of confidentiality, integrity, and availability that most security professionals are trained on. Security programs often fail to breaches and threats because of principles forgotten such as possession, privacy, and utility.

This paper takes this application one step further to show a visual alignment of the nine core security principles and apply it to a risk appetite chart. He has worked in the IT and Security industry across many sectors of commercial, space, federal, and defense with expertise in Biometrics, Risk Management, Security Analysis, and Network and Systems Auditing.

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He was shortlisted as a finalist for Personality of the Year for the, and Cyber Security Awards. Jim is also an Award Winning author and writer. TRECIG provides a wide range of IT specialization, to include systems and software integration, enterprise-wide and cloud security, network engineering, penetration testing, and more.

Note the date of Event has been postponed to Feb 24from Feb 17, due to unprecedented cold spell currently in central Texas. The SolarWinds Supply Chain Attack, notwithstanding nation-state criminal involvement, a global blame game continues — but are we denying reality?

Solarwinds breach analysis report eleven evading steps

Paul works as a security professional in the finance industry in San Antonio. He was introduced to computer networking as a hobby through Amateur Packet Radio in This hobby evolved into a full-time computer career in that continues today. us on Wednesday, December 16, to celebrate another year of promoting information security in the Austin community.

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To ensure we have a quorum of members needed for a valid election, we highly encourage all members to attend the December meeting in order to vote. This is an excellent opportunity to give back to the local security community and at the same time connect with the Austin area security professionals and security industry! We are seeking the local security leaders who can take our chapter to the next level by building on the great progress we made in Real world examples and a live demo will highlight these risks.

Michael T. Raggo has over 20 years of security research experience.

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Over the years he has uncovered numerous vulnerabilities in products including Samsung, Checkpoint, and Netgear. His current research focuses on hybrid cloud security risks and threats.

Chapter Meeting Location Virtual via Zoom. C lick here to Register for the link to the meeting invite. Sponsor — NetSkope. Jack Koons is a seasoned cybersecurity executive with extensive experience building organizations, teams, and capabilities — focused on the development, deployment, and employment of cyberspace operations and cybersecurity capability.


Sponsor — Centrify. This interactive, virtual workshop extracts lessons from the front lines of ethical hacking and security research to teach you how. Applying insights from his forthcoming book Hackable: How to Do Application Security RightTed Harrington teaches you ideas, strategies and tactics used by technology juggernauts like Google, Amazon, and Netflix in order to secure systems through the time tested practice of threat modeling.

The session format includes:.

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DMARC Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting and Conformance is considered an industry standard for security to prevent attacks from malicious third parties sending fraudulent using a legitimate address. Learn about the information that you need to help decision makers understand why it is important to implement these protocols to mitigate cyber risks. He also served as Senior Director of Security Operations at the Center for Internet Security CISan internationally recognized not-for-profit organization that provides cybersecurity services and support to state, local, tribal, and territorial governments throughout the United States.

He started as an analyst and within four years managed the SOC. CMMC will be phased in over five years as current contracts and their option years expire.

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While we had ly used a Gartner Maturity Model to figure out how…. Security programs often fail to….

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Capitol of Texas Chapter. Education Content: We incorporated lots of content related to emerging areas like cloud, full-stack, containerization, and DevSecOps; and we hosted a slew of excellent speakers who were well-received, including published authors. Collaboration Tools: We introduced Slack and Zoom webinars to encourage more participation among those at a greater distance or indisposed, and this capability allowed us to make a smooth transition into telemeeting during COVID.

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Expanded Offerings: We introduced variety and interaction via new events like moderated round tables, war game exercises, and evening networking happy hours. Board Streamlining: We slightly restructured officer roles to reduce redundancy and improve our ability to reach quorum.

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C lick here to Register for the link to the meeting invite Sponsor — NetSkope Reimagine your perimeter. About Speaker Jack Koons Jack Koons is a seasoned cybersecurity executive with extensive experience building organizations, teams, and capabilities — focused on the development, deployment, and employment of cyberspace operations and cybersecurity capability.

The question is simply: what to do about it? The CMMC is expected to: Drive real security change in the DoD marketplace by mandating independent audits for DIB vendors and closing loopholes where DIB vendors could self-attest their compliance based on inconsistent perception and experience. Be adopted by additional US Government and State Agencies seeking a security standard that translates well for public and private sectors. Security programs often fail to… ….