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If you didn't already live in Ohio, the state's northern corner would be a pretty cool place to travel from far away to visit.

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Maintaining social distancing and staying healthy are of primary importance.

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Research article 11 Mar Articles Volume 13, issue 5. Article Peer review Metrics Related articles. Articles Volume 13, issue 5 Biogeosciences, 13, —, This work is distributed under the Creative Commons Attribution 3. Biogeosciences, 13, —, Show only first author papers Show all papers No articles found. Short summary. A spatiotemporal reconstruction of slope movements on the edge of Lake Lucerne near the municipality of Horw, canton of Lucerne is presented.

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The reconstruction was realized by analyzing growth reactions of beech Fagus sylvatica L. show that the area has been moving at least since A ificant concentration of events was observed between and as well as after The investigation of water mass transport pathways and timescales is important to understand the global ocean circulation. Following earlier studies, we use artificial radionuclides introduced to the oceans in the s to investigate the water transport in the subpolar North Atlantic SPNA.

We analyze a tree-ring network from several sites distributed along the Italian Peninsula with the aims of detecting common climate drivers of tree growth and of reconstructing the past climate. We detect the main climatic drivers modulating tree-ring width RW and tree-ring maximum latewood density MXD and we reconstruct late summer temperatures since the early s using a MXD chronology: this reconstruction is representative of a wide area around the Italian Peninsula.

Grant M. Johnsen, Jorgen P. This permits the climate and other environmental parameters registered in these ice cores to be put on a common timescale with a precision of a few decades, thus allowing different models and mechanisms associated with these parameters to be tested with the same precision.

Biodiversity and Ecosystem Function: Terrestrial. Increasing drought frequency can jeopardize the restoration of the CO 2 sink function in degraded peatlands. We explored the effect of the summer bg Canton dating in on vegetation development and CO 2 exchange in a rewetted fen.

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Drought triggered a rapid spread of new vegetation whose CO 2 assimilation could partially outweigh the drought-related rise in respiratory CO 2 loss. Our study shows important regulatory mechanisms of a rewetted fen to maintain its net CO 2 sink function even in a very dry year. As key traits of plants, the mechanisms of diversity of fruit sizes and seed sizes have not been solved completely until now. Therefore, the research related to them will continue to be done in the future. Our research, combined with future works, will provide a profound basis for solving the origin of fleshy-fruited species and seed size diversity.

Understory vegetation is the most diverse, least understood component of forests worldwide.

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Understory communities are important drivers of overstory succession and nutrient cycling. Multi-angle remote sensing enables us to describe surface properties by means that are not possible when using mono-angle data. Evaluated over an extensive set of forest ecosystem experimental sites in Europe, our reported method can deliver good retrievals, especially over different forest types with open canopies. Campbell, and Elizabeth M. Solar-induced chlorophyll fluorescence SIF has the potential to facilitate the monitoring of photosynthesis from space. This study presents a systematic analysis of the physical and physiological meaning of the relationship between fluorescence and photosynthesis at both leaf and canopy levels.

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We unravel the individual effects of incoming light, vegetation structure and leaf physiology and highlight their t effects on the relationship between canopy fluorescence and photosynthesis. All vegetation types can sequester carbon dioxide. We compared ground measurements eddy covariance with remotely sensed data Moderate Resolution Imaging Spectroradiometer, MODIS and machine learning ensembles of primary production in a semiarid scrub in Mexico.

Zakharov, and Moritz Langer. Boreal forests in eastern Siberia are an essential component of global climate patterns.

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We use a physically based model and field measurements to study the interactions between forests, permanently frozen ground and the atmosphere. We find that forests exert a strong control on the thermal state of permafrost through changing snow cover dynamics and altering the surface energy balance, through absorbing most of the incoming solar radiation and suppressing below-canopy turbulent fluxes.

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Drought and heat events affect the uptake and sequestration of carbon in terrestrial ecosystems. We study the impact of droughts and heatwaves on the uptake of CO 2 of different vegetation types at the global scale.

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We find that agricultural areas are generally strongly affected. Forests instead are not particularly sensitive to the events under scrutiny. This implies different water management strategies of forests but also a lack of sensitivity to remote-sensing-derived vegetation activity.

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Robinson I. Fisher, Jacquelyn K. Shuman, Alessandro C. Riley, and Jeffrey Q. The temporal variability in the Landsat satellite near-infrared NIR band captured the dynamics of forest regrowth after disturbances in Central Amazon. Barbosa, Sebastian Brill, Rodrigo P. Alves, Gabriela R. Cryptogamic organisms, such as bryophytes, lichens, and algae, cover major parts of vegetation in the Amazonian rain forest, but their relevance in biosphere—atmosphere exchange, climate processes, and nutrient cycling is largely unknown. Over the duration of 2 years we measured their water content, temperature, and light conditions to get better insights into their physiological activity patterns and thus their potential impact on local, regional, and even global biogeochemical processes.

Maitane Iturrate-Garcia, Monique M. Heijmans, J. Hans C. Cornelissen, Fritz H. Schweingruber, Pascal A. Niklaus, and Gabriela Schaepman-Strub. Changes on plant traits associated with climate warming might alter vegetation—climate interactions.

We investigated experimentally the effects of enhanced permafrost thaw and soil nutrients on a wide set of tundra shrub traits. We found a coordinated trait response to some treatments, which suggests a shift in shrub resource, growth and defence strategies. This shift might feed back into permafrost thaw — through mechanisms associated with water demand — and into bg Canton dating and energy fluxes.

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Biogeosciences Discuss. Monitoring leaf phenology i. Recent versions of the Geostationary Operational Environmental Satellites allow for the monitoring of a phenological-sensitive index at a high temporal frequency 5—10 minutes throughout most of the western hemisphere. Here we show the high potential of this new data to measure the phenology of deciduous forests.

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Temperate forest soils sites dominated by European beech, Fagus sylvatica from cold and snowy sites in northern Poland release more nitrogen and phosphorus after soil freeze—thaw cycles FTCs than soils from warmer, snow-poor conditions in northern Germany. Our data suggest that ly cold sites, which will lose their protective snow cover during climate change, are most vulnerable to increasing FTC frequency and magnitude, resulting in strong shifts in nitrogen leaching. Eric R. Beamesderfer, M. Brodeur, and Brandon M. Temperate forests play bg Canton dating major role in the global carbon and water cycles, sequestering atmospheric CO 2 on annual timescales.

This research examined the annual carbon and water dynamics of two similar age, soil, climate, etc. Ultimately, fluxes of the deciduous forest were found to be less sensitive to temperature and water limitations — conditions expected with future climate warming. The frequency and severity of droughts are expected to increase in the tropics, impacting the functioning of tropical forests.

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Here, we synthesized observed responses to drought in Neotropical forests. We find that, during drought, trees generally close their leaf stomata, resulting in reductions in photosynthesis, growth and transpiration. However, on the ecosystem scale, these responses are not visible. This indicates that resistance to drought increases from the leaf to ecosystem scale. Due to limited accessibility in tropical regions, only small parts of the forest landscape can be surveyed in forest plots.

Since there is an ongoing debate about how representative estimations based on samples are at larger scales, this study analyzes how many plots are needed to quantify the biomass of the entire South American tropical forest. Through novel computational and statistical investigations we show that the spatial plot positioning is crucial for continent-wide biomass estimations.

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Prairie dogs have been described as a keystone species and are important for grassland conservation, yet concerns exist over the impact of prairie dogs on livestock production. The aim of this study was to classify plant communities on and off prairie dog towns in South Dakota and determine the utility of using remote sensing to identity prairie dog colony extent. The show that remote sensing is effective at determining prairie dog colony boundaries.

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Current rates of climate and atmospheric change are likely higher than during the last millions of years. Vegetation cannot keep pace with these changes and lags behind climate. We used a vegetation model to study how these lags are influenced by CO 2 and fire in Africa. Our indicate bg Canton dating vegetation is most sensitive to CO 2 change under current and near-future conditions and that vegetation will be committed to further change even if CO 2 emissions are reduced and the climate stabilizes. Jonathan R. Moore, Arthur P. The distribution of tree sizes across Amazonia can be fitted very well for both trunk diameter and tree mass by a simple equilibrium model assuming power law growth and size-independent mortality.

We find tree growth to mirror some aspects of metabolic scaling theory and that there may be a trade-off between fast-growing, short-lived and longer-lived, slow-growing ones. Our Amazon mortality-to-growth ratio is very similar to US temperate forests, hinting at a universal property for trees.

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Climate change severely impacts grassland carbon cycling, especially in arid ecosystems, such as desert steppes.