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In Kansas, the grounds for divorce are incompatibility no faultfailure to perform a marital duty, and incompatibility by reason of mental illness or mental incapacity of one or both spouses. The cost and affordability of a divorce varies widely from case to case and depending on your unique financial situation. Although you can represent yourself in a divorce case, it is advisable to hire an attorney to represent your interests in a divorce. In Kansas, property can be divided with an agreement between spouses, otherwise, a judge or an arbitrator will divide property based on a series of relevant factors. These can include age, length of the marriage, earning capacity, how the certain property was acquired, alimony, and tax consequences of property division. Yes, in the state of Kansas, alimony of a fair and equitable amount can be awarded by a judge depending on relevant factors of the marriage and individual spouses.

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If you are going through a divorce in Johnson County, Kansas in Overland Park, Kansas, it is a top priority to have an educated and experienced attorney by your side.


The effects of these cases can impact you and your family immensely. We do not practice any other type of law. Whether your divorce matter needs to be litigated or resolved through mediation and collaborative law, Stange Law Firm, PC has the legal staff and resources to help.

The attorneys that you will find at Stange Law Firm, PC understand that your divorce and family law matter in Overland Park, KS may be one of the most difficult times in your life.

Uncontested divorce in kansas

Additionally, our attorneys can assist if your case must be resolved at a trial. Kelly is d in Kansas and Missouri.

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He is d in Kansas and Missouri. Parties in Kansas can get divorced when a there are irreconcilable differences and there is no reasonable likelihood that the marriage can be preserved.

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It is not necessary to show fault in Kansas to get divorced, but fault can impact property and debt division and spousal maintenance. If you are going to get divorced in the State of Kansas, either you or your wife or both of you must be a resident in the State of Kansas, and must have lived in the state for at least 90 days, prior to the filing of the Petition. This action should be filed in the county where the petitioner resides.

Whoever is filing for divorce should generally do so in the county in which they live.

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In some cases, a motion for a change of venue is a possibility. Here are a few key names for you to make note of. First is the Circuit Courtwhere the petition for the divorce is filed. The first action is called a Petition for Dissolution of Marriage. The final action is called the Decree or Judgment of Dissolution of Marriage. Depending on which party is filing the divorce, you are either called the Petitioner the party filing for divorce or the Respondent the one who gets served.

Making the decision to file for a divorce is difficult for many parties. For those individuals who may not yet be ready to take that big next step, there is another option for you.

Kansas city, ks divorce attorneys

Kansas divorce laws state that parties may file for a legal separation when there is a reasonable likelihood that the marriage can be preserved. Many of the guidelines remain the same, in regards to things like spousal maintenance, division of property, child supportetc.

One or both of the parties must have resided within the State of Kansas for at least 90 days prior to filing this petition. It is important that you consider all options and factors at hand prior to making any legally binding decisions when it comes to legal separation and dissolution because a legal separation can be converted into a divorce. According to Kansas divorce laws, the court may grant spousal maintenance to either party. This depends on a finding that the party that is seeking spousal maintenance is not able to support themselves and lacks sufficient property to provide for their own needs; or that the party that is seeking spousal maintenance is the guardian of whose condition is such that it would be inappropriate for that party to seek outside employment.

The court will take in and consider the following factors in ruling the amount of spousal maintenance to be compensated:. The order establishing spousal maintenance must also state whether the award is modifiable or non-modifiable. If the award is modifiable, the court may modify the award only upon a showing that the circumstances have changed so considerably as to make the terms unreasonable.

Kansas divorce laws call for an equitable distribution of assets. This essentially means that you get to keep what belongs to you property you owned prior to the marriage and all shared property property you owned during the marriage will be divided equally between you and your ex-spouse.

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The court will consider the following factors in dividing the property between the parties:. Kansas courts will determine the issue of child custody based upon the best interests of the. A partial list of aspects that the court will consider in determining the best interests of the child include:.

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Prior to awarding custody, the court shall first consider awarding t physical and legal custody to both parents. If the court decides that t physical and legal custody awarded to both parents is not in the best interests of the child, the court shall next consider t physical custody, with one party being awarded sole legal custody.

Divorce attorney in overland park, kansas

If that arrangement is also found to not be in the best interests of the child, the court shall next consider t legal custody with one party granted sole physical custody. If that arrangement is not in the best interests of the child, the court would next consider sole custody to either parent, or a third-party custody arrangement. When custody of is at issue in a proceeding for dissolution of marriage the court shall order the parents to attend educational classes regarding the effects of custody and dissolution of marriage upon the children.

The court may also order the parents to attend an alternative dispute resolution program to resolve any disputes regarding issues of custody or visitation. As with every other family law issue, the court will determine the matter of child support. The court may order either or both parties to pay an equitable amount necessary to support their child or children.

Kansas divorce guide

Pursuant to Supreme Court Rule Legally, your liability to pay child support shall end upon the death of the child, the marriage of the child, the child entering active duty in the military, the child becoming self-sufficient, the child reaching eighteen 18 years of age, or, if the child is enrolled in a secondary school program of education, when the child reaches the age of twenty-one 21 years of age.

You may also be required to provide health insurance for your. In addition, if you were already paying for health insurance for your children and spouse prior to the divorce, you are obligated to continue paying for it from the time of filing until the divorce is final meaning you cannot cancel health insurance for your children and spouse during the divorce proceedings.

A spouse may request a name change back to their former or maiden name.

How much does a divorce cost in kansas?

This request may be granted by the court upon the divorce. To contact an Overland Park divorce attorney, you can call us at or online. When you have a family law case and need representation in the Johnson County area, our attorneys are ready to help.

The attorneys of Stange Law Firm, PC know how important family is to you and are ready to lead you through your case. today at our location below. From our web, you can also read articles about family law, view informational videosseminar videoslisten to our podcastdownload our mobile application or view support calculators for MissouriIllinois and Kansas.

If you are looking to find and hire custody lawyer, online or by phone to schedule a consultation at any of our convenient locations.

Overland park, kansas divorce attorneys in johnson county

Family law is a unique area of civil law concerned with legal disputes among family and household members. Divorces are the most common cases processed. A divorce is a deeply personal legal case that unfolds in family court, a specialized area of the civil court system.

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Therefore, all divorce cases. Divorce is likely to be one of the most stressful and emotionally challenging processes you will ever experience. No matter how you and your spouse. Divorce is notoriously difficult.

Kansas divorce laws & faq

Even if a couple mutually agrees to end their marriage, the legal process is time-consuming, stressful, and expensive. This is especially.

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Your Attorney Options. Your Case Tracker. Legal Services At. Stange Law Firm. We've dedicated our firm to family law.

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Watch a quick video on why:. Play Video. Contact A Family Law Attorney. Other Related Topics. Plan for Divorce Petitioner vs. You Are Here. Overland Park, Kansas Child Support Lawyers : If you are interested in finding out more information about child support, our web has additional information.

Overland Park, KS Paternity Lawyers : If you are an unmarried parent that is in need of a custody attorney, we have lawyers who can assist. Click this link to .