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After all, the Stars Hollow nostalgia is strong and after that controversial reboot finale? Justice and peace needed to be restored. Count us in—and are officially unsure of what to do with our lives now that it's over after that explosive ending.

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What a wild ride Ginny and Georgia season one was. Alongside the murder, love triangles and embezzlement, it tackled race, self-harm, sexual consent, female pleasure, body image and everything in between.

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But will it be back for more after that explosive finale? We certainly hope so. Here's everything you need to know about Ginny and Georgina season two.

Netflix has confirmed that the show will return for round two after attracting "more than 52 million members' households in its first 28 days" via Variety. We don't yet have an air date, but we wouldn't expect it until early at the very earliest. It wouldn't be the show it is without Ginny Antonia Gentry and her mum Georgia Brianne Howeyso both of them will obviously be back alongside:. But it remains to be seen if we've seen the last of Ginny's dad Zion Nathan Mitchell and his teen self.

What is the plot of 'ginny & georgia' season 2?

Season one covered A LOT of ground, but for every complication that was solved, another one swiftly appeared, leaving virtually all of the major players on precarious footing as the final credits rolled. The show wrapped with Ginny and Austin fleeing Wellsbury on a motorbike.

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He alerted Ginny to Georgia's wolfsbane in the process, which she and her brother destroyed. Austin still hadn't forgiven Georgia for not sending the letters he had written to his dad, and as a result his relationship with his mum was at an all-time low. And with Kenny's body out of the picture and her money problems ironed out for nowshe believed that the pieces of her new life were finally falling into place.

Has netflix renewed 'ginny & georgia' for season 2?

We'd expect season two to pick up where it left off, right in the heart of the action, with Ginny and Austin on the road. But will they decide to come home of their own volition, or will Georgia head out to find them, wherever they are? The radius of the show doesn't extend beyond Wellsbury, so it's a given that they'll be back. There's also the small matter of Max, who was furious with Ginny for both sleeping with her twin Marcus, and lying about it.

Tensions had been bubbling within MANG for a while, but that was the straw that broke the camel's back and the group is now split, with Abby also ostracised for not telling Max about Ginny and Marcus. Hunter, too, wanted zilch to do with Ginny after he discovered that she'd done the dirty on him.

Ginny and georgia season 2 release date: when will it air?

And despite telling Marcus that she had forgiven him for his gargantuan blunder — "We're not together. It was a mistake" — their relationship is also on the brink. It should also be noted that the PI is still sniffing around, and he now knows that Georgia was married to another man before Kenny, who conveniently went missing and has not been seen since.

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And while Georgia is now wearing Paul's engagement ring, we wouldn't bet our last buck on them going the distance, especially with Joe on the scene. There were hints that something could develop between them in the first chapter, but while that didn't happen, it feels like their story has more juice in it yet. Trailers usually arrive in the month leading up to the premiere, so we're going to be waiting quite a while.

Ginny and georgia season 2 cast: who's in it?

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