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Obtuvo grado doctoral en historia latinoamericana y del caribe de la universidad de Howard en Washington, DC.

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As the world commemorates years since millions of people were forced to migrate to the Western Hemisphere in the horror known as the Transatlantic Slave Trade, the assumption is that most slaves taken were sent to North America. Out of the 9.

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Research from El Boricua revealed that more than 15, slaves were brought over to Puerto Rico by And like other countries in the Americas with a colonial past, slavery has influenced culture as we know it, present-day throughout the island.

The essential part of Bomba is the connection between the dancer and drummer. Bomba dates back to the early s and is believed to have been used as a rebellion tool against slave owners, according to an essay published in Redalyc.

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The music style of Bomba is practiced today as a communal activity where it was originated, including Santurce, Mayaguez, Ponce and Loiza. Loiza municipality of Puerto Rico flag on flagpole textile cloth fabric waving on the top sunrise mist fog. But the combination of African, Latinx, European and influence as a result of colonialism is why Tatiana believes many Puerto Ricans struggle with their identity.

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Either way, there is no binary answer, yet some people find it difficult to recognize that a person can be Latinx and Black. In Puerto Rico, Tatiana said that Afroboricuas experience racism, segregation, systematic oppression, and discrimination for people of color and identifying as black, for some, is undesirable.

Historically, segregation did not officially exist in Puerto Rico like in the United States, but there are problems of racial inequality. For example, Black athletes were segregated, Black soldiers were segregated, and Black musicians were segregated.

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For a racist world, a person of color is still a person of color no matter what language they speak or where they were born. If you look at a map of the island, that area is where most of the ships in the African slave trade went, showing just how limited Black people were on the island. Every town has a botanica.

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Vejigantes are an integral part of annual festivals. Pasteles are eaten every Christmas. Bomba and Plena are considered traditional Puerto Rican styles of music and dance.

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All of these things would not exist without Black people in Puerto Rico.