Efficient Solutions For Your Asset Tracking

We help with your process optimization:

  • Minimizing search times: want to know exactly where your containers, cargo carriers, vehicles or assets are right now?
  • Optimizing use: want to know whether your asset is in use or available?
  • Process improvements: want to make your assets transparent in an existing loop?
  • Continuous inventory: want to maintain an overview of your inventory at all times, both stationary and mobile?


conbee has solutions which meet these requirements:

  • tracking containers and integrating them into logistics processes;
  • locating assets in large sites;
  • taking inventory of assets throughout your company’s grounds;
  • integrating assets into existing telematics solutions;
  • and much more…

Smart Asset Tracking

conbee makes objects smarter!

We optimize your processes for fast, flexible, cooperative and cost-efficient solutions.

Warehouse logistics

Airport logistics

Construction site logisitcs

Container tracking

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Ultra Low Power

Thanks to energy-efficient sensors, intelligent algorithms and firmware, conbee TAGs are “smart” and communicate as little as possible and as much as necessary – saving valuable energy!


Easy To Deploy

conbee TAGs are preconfigured to meet the individual requirements of the customer’s application and can be easily adapted to changing requirements at any time using the APP.


Cost Effective

The intelligent algorithms used to operate the energy-efficient conbee TAGs enable an autonomous service life of up to 10 years without changing the battery.


Long Range

The innovative LPWAN wireless technologies used in conbee TAGs enable coverage of not only short distances, but entire buildings and industrial sites, and even entire cities and regions.


High Security

All communications are encrypted and authenticated. Network and application keys are both equipped with double AES-128-bit encryption.

About us

Germany-based conbee has crafted a niche in the market with its cutting-edge Smart-TAGs which many popularly refer to as ‘bees’. Founded in 2016, this company has witnessed an increasing demand in Auto-ID solutions and has served many companies in the industry sector and more. With conbee solutions, all objects involved in the production and logistics can be clearly identified and localized – they can “speak” and become “Smart Objects.”


Innovation, customer-centric and flexible business approach are USP of Conbee which even makes it unique among the contemporaries.

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Award-winning Innovation


Top 30 of IoT Startups 2019

Early metrics rated conbee as one of best 30% IoT Startups. We will continue to work hard to be successful in 2020 either.

Conbee again at the toplist of telematics

Again conbee solutions are top listed at telematics 2019 (Telematik Markt magazine) again. The solutions for asset tracking/-locating and inventory help the industry to optimize their intra- and production logistics processes.

Top 10 of most innovative solutions – Insight Success

The magazine “Insights Success” selected conbee as one of the 10 most innovative embedded systems solutions provider.

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Nominated for the Telematik Award 2018

Our latest developments, the Rugged Smart-TAGs B200R and B400R are ideally suited for application in a rough environment – for construction and disposal industry.

Nominated for the IT Innovation Award 2018

Our latest development, the Conbee Action Trigger (C.A.T. for short), was nominated by Initiative Mittelstand (the SME Initiative) for this year’s IT Innovation Award.

conbee in the finals for the 2018 Industry Award

The “Integrated Industry” award from Huber Verlag Neue Medien recognizes especially advanced industry products and solutions.

We look forward to seeing who wins!



Our BLE/LoRa Hybrid TAG “L500” has been recognized as the best product
in the category of identification, packing and loading technology and securing cargo.

IT Innovation Award 2015

We received the IT Innovation Award 2015 from Microsoft Deutschland GmbH’s Initiative Mittelstand in the category of Auto ID / RFID

Telematics Award 2014

Telematics Award 2014 from Telematik-Markt.de Group at the IAA for Commercial Vehicles in the category of industrial telematics (cargo and logistics)