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These differences often result in a wide range of prices for the same kind of item. All three are examples of American Pembroke tables from the early 19th century.

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The Pembroke table, named for the Earl and Countess of Pembroke who first commissioned this kind of piece, was a lightweight occasional table used for serving tea, dining, writing, games, and at bedside. Typically made of mahogany, it features an oval or rectangular top with drop leaf sides, one or two drawers, and slim, tapered legs. When not in use, the leaves can be folded down, making it portable and easy to store. The difference in price can be attributed to the more graceful lines and embellishments found in this example: an oval top with demi-lune leaves; string inlay border on the apron and top; and ebonized banding at the bottom of the legs.

The wood is also higher quality, mahogany with more pronounced figuring in the grain of the wood. This example possesses the graceful proportions and refined decoration so typical of the Federalist period. The mahogany is richly figured. And a delicate garland of bell flowers cascades down each of the legs into the banding near the foot. An auction preview is a great venue for comparing pieces side by side.

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Look closely at the quality of materialsembellishmentscraftsmanshipand condition, then stand back and assess the overall beauty of a piece. Still unsure? Small correction — these are not from early 18th century — believe you meant 19th. Though the RI example is late 18th by your estimate. Good spotting. Of course you are right, and we have fixed the error.

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The image captions are indeed the correct dates. Thank you. I am looking for some guidance and thought I would start here after reading your post.

I have a pembroke table and would like to have it appraised. Is there an online appraisal organization or somewhere I can bring the table to. I am on Long Island. Jennifer, You might want to begin the appraisal process with some photographs of the table sent to the appraisal department at Skinner. We will review the photos and speak with you about the details of a formal written appraisal after we have an image of the table in question. You can submit photos on our website here: secure. I stupidly removed the varnish off the top the drop leaves are untouched, as well as the rest of it.

Would that be a possibility? I have an English Pembroke table, which I am guessing is in a satin wood finish and i guess it is from the mid 18th century.

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Would you have any idea what the value of such a piece would be. They are in very good condition with the exact same pulls on the drawers as your photo as well. He was wondering if the value would be any higher because they are a matched pair? Are there any particular markings or identifying features he should look for to determine age or authenticity? Shannon, Thanks for your comment. Usually, having two of the same thing will increase the individual value of each, whether they be chairs, vases, candlesticks, or Pembroke tables.

I have a Pembrooke table that my father told me was circa before he passed on. It is in need of some minor repair has water marks on the top but is otherwise sound. I am more interested in getting it restored than selling it. I would appreciate any help or advice you can share.

While it is always advisable to keep restoration to a minimum, there are times when you must fix or repair an object. Water marks on the top surface of a Pembroke table are probably unsightly. Early 19th century cabinet makers chose beautifully grained wood for table tops and that figure is compromised when the wood is stained.

I would suggest looking into the refinishing of the top providing you can find a restorer with a light touch. You might want to inquire at a museum in your area that has a collection of decorative arts including furniture.

Museums often hire restorers for their collections. These restorers will come with the recommendation of the museum. That should mean you are in good hands.

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I recently purchased a pembroke table with inlaid des similar to the best example above at an auction. Overall it is in great condition with a few minor untouched chips near the front table top. Do you have any idea how I can find out its value? Thank you for your comment.

What’s your pembroke table worth?

I have a Pembroke mahogany drop leaf dining table with square tapered legs. It has 2 drawers with brass hardware. It is is very good condition with only a few nicks and scratches and has had some minor repairs.

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Dear Shannon, Sorry, I can send some pictures, I am just wondering what this table could be worth. I have not seen any other tables like this one, with the drawers and it even has a label stating specifically where the mahogany wood came from inside one of the drawers. Thank you! One is a harp drop leaf, and the other is a maghagany dining table. Thanks, Lee Nichols. Hi Lee, Our appraisals department would be happy to assist you in finding out more about your tables.

Please submit photos and an auction evaluation form via our website.

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Initial auction evaluations are complimentary. About my grandfather was at a house buying furniture for his store. He spied a Pembroke table the family was using to place wet laundry on.

The two drawers were both missing the draw pulls and as you can imagine the table was in horrible shape. He told it to his furniture restorer to see what could be done. Save my name,and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Search for: Search. Blog Event News Video.

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Marcella, Thank you for your comment.