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The conbee L500 is ideally suited for IoT and M2M applications. It combines Bluetooth and Long Range Wireless (LoRa) with a set of sensors for motion, orientation, temperature and more. It also features an additional GPS/GNSS sensor.

With conbee solutions all objects can be clearly identified and localized – they can “speak” and become “Smart Objects“.

The configurable TAG provides authentication features and is fraud-resistant. All this makes the HybridTAG the optimal tool for the location tracking of your assets!

L 500 Infosheet (PDF, 0,3 MB)

USE-Case: SPIER GmbH & Co. Fahrzeugwerk KG

Location and tracking of vehicles, containers or packages on premises of 130,000 square meters.

Project requirement: identification and localisation of a large number of similar trucks, vans and trailers across the company premises

Concept/solution: hybrid, battery-powered Smart TAG with low-power wireless technology and connection to a cloud platform

Usage: minimising search times, reducing process and production costs, improving safety standards

Products used: conbee L500 LoRa®/BLE Hybrid TAGs, LoRaWAN™ Gateway, BLE locators, EvalorlQ IoT soft-ware platform

Download Use-Case (PDF, 1,2 MB)

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