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A northern Nevada man learned the hard way earlier this year that getting re-infected with COVID soon after surviving it just might be possible. After testing positive in April, the man subsequently tested negative multiple times until becoming ill just 48 days later and testing positive again in June.

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In other words, he was infected twice. Their research was published in the prestigious medical journal The Lancet Infectious Diseases in October. The scientific community — in Nevada and beyond — has rallied together like never before to uncover the many mysteries of COVID He studies the genome — or building blocks — of disease, and his work with the Nevada Institute of Personalized Medicine is now squarely focused on finding ways to conquer COVID My role in this study was to analyze the virus genomes collected from this patient from his earlier and later positive tests, compare the genomes to one another and to genomes in circulation, and finally, either find evidence that the two viruses differed or rule it out.

With both public health labs in the state providing samples, corresponding author Dr. We started with a basic set of facts in the testing history.

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We knew that the patient had tested positive via the PCR test, which is used to diagnose active infection. He had symptoms, then improved.

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He subsequently had two negative tests, indicating his infection was over. Then six or seven weeks after his first positive test, he felt sick again, got tested again, and was again positive. Now, PCR test like these are only suggestive of re-infection. In order to confirm reinfection, we needed to sequence the viral genomes from both positive tests. When we obtained those genome sequences, we found six differences between the virus in the samples, by which we were able to rule out alternative scenarios such as it being one long infection.

Honestly, I felt fright. We had to be sure we were right if we were going to claim proof that the possibility of reinfection was more than possible, but had actually happened for this person.

Currently, reinfection looks to be pretty uncommon. And I hope that it remains that way. Though we don't yet know how long an average person may have lasting immunity to SARS-CoV-2, less than a year into this pandemic, it currently looks like reinfection is not the norm.

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My advice is to stay vigilant. Wear masks.

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Social distance. Avoid gatherings.

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Wash your hands. And if you feel like you maybe haven't been doing a great job at enacting these suggestions, this is too important to beat yourself up over.

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The research community here in Nevada, the U. Our hope is that continued study will help us understand this virus, track it, monitor unfolding outbreaks, and keep guard in the future, even after vaccines become widely available. This work will give us a tremendous amount of new information on the burden and spread of this virus in the community complementary to and beyond patient samples.

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You were on a research team that made headlines in October when it documented a Northern Nevada man who contracted COVID twice in less than two months. What was your role in the research? How was the research team notified of a possible reinfection case?

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Can you break down for us how we know the man was infected two separate times, instead of suffering from one lingering case? What was your first thought when the work came back verifying that the man had, in fact, contracted COVID a second time? Do you think this a rare case, or is this more common than we might think?

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Why is it important that researchers throughout Nevada and the nation continue to work together to tackle the COVID pandemic? Given the stunning of the reinfection study, what other areas related to COVID are you and colleagues investigating now? December 17 Author: Tony Allen.

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Nevada Institute of Personalized Medicine. Related Experts:.

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