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Erotica baby found boy for Miami internet dating scams

Romance scams are a type of online fraud, in which criminals pose as desirable partners on dating sites orwin the hearts of their victims and end up fleecing them of their money.

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You arrive at your hotel and check in at the front desk. When checking in, you give the front desk your credit card for all the charges for your room. You get to your room and settle in. Someone calls the front desk and asks for example Room - which happens to be your room. The phone rings in your room. You answer and the person on the other end says the following, 'This is the front desk.

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Below are various scams thieves use to try and separate you from your money. Thieves will try these scams on all types of people.

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However, they know senior citizens, who are usually more trusting, are especially good targets for their scams. It is so important to educate oneself so you will be able to recognize the red flags if contacted by a potential scammer and it may help prevent you from becoming a victim.

While not every scam is listed here most scams have certain things, we call them red flags, that usually do not change regardless of the scam. If you know any senior citizens please direct them to this or share this information with them. It has a lot of good information for seniors that can't all be posted here.

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Please click on the link to read. The thieves act as if they know the resident or are there on official business and then enter the home.

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They distract the elderly person while another thief searches the house for property to take. Burglars will sometimes work as a team to distract you and make you a victim. A common practice is to pose as a a roofer or a contractor.

The "professional" will find a reason to draw you out of your home and keep you outside, such as to show you some damage that they can repair or some work they suggest can be done. While they keep you outside, one or more people enter the house and go through the bedrooms looking for smaller items to take such as cash and jewelry. Most times, victims will not even realize a crime occurred until after the burglars are long gone.

Any telephone s they gave to be contacted for the "work" is usually fake as well. This con game has been going on since the lottery was instituted in the state. The fake lottery winner scam is usually pulled on Spanish-speaking victims but some victims were English-only speakers.

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Over the years, the scam has been pulled numerous times in the downtown Miami Springs area, usually in the area of the grocery store. Here's the way it works: A Hispanic man or a woman in a few cases will approach a target and say that he has just won the multi-million dollar Florida Lottery.

While he is pitching his line, another person a man or woman will stop by and in the conversation.

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The second person is an accomplice. Once the target in convinced to put up money to share in the millions, the two crooks will accompany the victim home and to the bank to gather all the cash he or she can acquire. The cons will usually convince the victim to use his or her car for the trip to the bank. Once the criminals see the money, they will tell the victim to put it into an envelope, allegedly with the cash put up by the accomplice.

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Using distraction, the cons will switch envelopes and then make an excuse to get out of the car and say that they will return shortly. When the victim tires of waiting, he or she will find nothing but paper inside the envelope. Lottery scammers mainly target Hispanic middle-aged people and senior citizens.

The way to avoid becoming a victim is to ask the contractor for credentials. A professional contractor should have no problem providing identification and s. Those things might make homeowners uncomfortable but residents should stick to their requirements. Not good enough. Protect yourself by checking things out. Always check the of a company or individual by logging onto www.

When Online Type in the name of the individual, company or. If there is noreport the person or company by calling: Don't believe stories according to the regulatory agency, if there is ait will appear on the website. A website check will tell you if the is current and in good standing. Also, complaints and disciplinary actions are public record. Remember to always get everything in writing, including a detailed description of any work to be done.

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Make sure the writing is legible. Do not a certificate of completion unless you are totally satisfied with the work. The crime of stealing purses from vehicles at gas stations is a common occurrance. Then the thief drives away.

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Sometimes criminals work in pairs, and while one distracts the victim usually with a question, his accomplice steals the purse. In a few instances, victims were men who had left a wallet or bank bag on the front seat. The key to avoid becoming a victim is to lock your car and not let yourself become distracted. Your telephone rings, the on the caller I. They say you have not paid your bill and unless they receive the money right away your power will be turned off very soon. They say you need to get a Green Dot Money Pak card or some other none traceable credit card.

STOPF. These should be red flags and cause you to stop and think. Never give out personal or financial information to anyone unless you yourself have initiated the telephone call. All types of people, including senior citizens, use the Internet to find romance or even just companionship.

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The scammers, many who live outside of the United States, know this and will say what they have to in order to gain the trust of their victim. Just because a website is for people of a specific faith, age group, etc. Remember, they will let you think what you want to think and if you start to challenge them they will move on to the next target. The scam goes something like this: The person contacts you on-line or vice-versa and starts a conversation.

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Basically, they are testing the water to see if you are a good target. If the on-line conversation continues over the next Miami internet dating scams days they slowly start to show how much they care for you and soon tell you they love you and want to be with you. Then there is the catch, they can't because they are stuck in a foreign country and don't have access to their money.

They need your help and you are the only person who can help them. They ask you to send money via Western Union, MoneyGram or similar type company so they can bribe the guard, pay taxes, pay a debt, etc. If you send them the money they keep coming up with different scenarios to keep the money coming.

If they do speak with you over the phone many times they have an accent that is not American even though they say they are from the States. They never refer to you by name only baby, honey or some other term of endearment. The scam will continue until the money stops. Even if you question them at this point there is always an excuse for why they can't get to you. Search form. Search Website. Popular Scams.

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Distraction Thieves and How They Operate The thieves act as if they know the resident or are there on official business and then enter the home. Lottery Winner Scam This con game has been going on since the lottery was instituted in the state.

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Thefts at Gas Pumps The crime of stealing purses from vehicles at gas stations is a common occurrance. Telephone Scams Your telephone rings, the on the caller I. Romance Scams: All types of people, including senior citizens, use the Internet to find romance or even just companionship. Web Links Distraction Thieves.

Florida Attorney General's Guide for Seniors. Stay Connected. Contact Information.

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