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But for some in the Taunton area, it is an important religious holiday known as Samhain pronounced sow-in.

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It's inspired a horror film franchise, several novels and two extremely long words paraskevidekatriaphobia and friggatriskaidekaphobia, both meaning the fear of Friday the 13th. But for some in the Fargo-Moorhead area, Friday the 13th is not something to fear. In fact, the date represents two things — and neither of them are scary. Omni Rogers-Mueller, a pagan and Covenant of the Moon High Priestess in Fargo, says while other pagans may not view things in the same way, Friday the 13th is generally seen as a pretty great day. With that in mind, Wicca and other pagan types are female or goddess-oriented.

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Superstitious or just a little 'stitious? friday the 13th is nothing to fear

FARGO - While Easter or Spring Break may be a al for many that it's time for renewal, area pagans and Wiccans recognize spring through ancient festivals during the spring equinox, sometimes called Ostara, and Beltane, the first day of May. One of her root words means "to shine"; because of those connotations some rituals that pagans practice have only been introduced during the last years," says Omni Rogers-Mueller, a- year-old practicing pagan and Covenant of the Moon High Priestess.

However, Ostara has origins dating back to eighth century, Rogers-Mueller says. This year the Ostara, or the spring equinox, took place on March 20, a hour period when the day and the night are of almost equal length. To area pagans, the first pagan dating Fargo of spring highlights a rebirth of energy and ambition. McNeil, who's been practicing paganism since the late '90s, says Ostara is a time to reconnect with friends and clean out clutter.

Rogers-Mueller says her coven celebrates Ostara with food, dance and drink during a closed sabbat. Sabbat refers to any seasonal festival area pagans or wiccans may observe.

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Periodically, area pagans and Wiccans will host an open sabbat where non-pagans or solitary pagan practitioners are invited to them to learn about specific traditions relating to the particular holiday. And despite what non-pagans may imagine, her coven did not partake in some of the other spring season traditions like going on a egg hunt, which has long been thought of as pagan in its practice.

Area pagans, wiccans explain ancient festivals that mark spring, summer

However, Rogers-Mueller says the concept of the eggs brought by a bunny was not part of proto-European tradition at all. Rogers-Mueller says that although Ostara is sometimes associated with fertility, this pagan holiday is more about the rebirth of the Earth and energy.

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For most pagans Samhain, the Oct. Rogers-Mueller agrees and says that Beltane is the passionate, fiery holiday many pagans look forward too. It's a good time to celebrate fertility, creativity and growth," McNeil says.

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As an organizer of the Lake Agassiz Pagan Community, McNeil says she observes Beltane by renewing protections around her home and cleansing negativity. But she also points out that many pagan "handfastings" or marriages take place on Beltane.

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Rogers-Mueller says that before Beltane, the courting is subtle but once it's the first day of May, all bets are off. McNeil says area pagans and Wiccans will dance the "Maypole tradition" where men and women dance around living tree in pairs interweaving large ribbons in honor of Beltane. Despite the group's decade-long history, its members have not ificantly increased - yet it remains a small, but vibrant community of 20 to 40 pagans. I fall under that and many people do not want to let people know publicly that they are pagan so they will do their own thing in private and they won't go beyond that.

Scott Wardzinski, an ordained druid priest who has been studying various forms of paganism for more than 10 years.

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Since The Forum published an article about the area pagan community during the fall ofRogers-Mueller says people from other faith backgrounds have reached out to include her in some interfaith work. One of the largest gatherings of pagans in the United States, more than people attended the weekend convention.

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McNeil says that despite some negative beliefs about paganism, there is absolutely no reason to fear them. Pagans from North Dakota and the surrounding areas are invited to come together, network and meet like-minded people while practicing traditions of paganism. Trending Articles.

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Lifestyle Area pagans, Wiccans explain ancient festivals that mark spring, summer FARGO - While Easter or Spring Break may be a al for many that it's time for renewal, area pagans and Wiccans recognize spring through ancient festivals during the spring equinox, sometimes called Ostara, and Beltane, the first day of May. Written By: April E. Knutson am, Apr. Forum File Photo. A pagan altar set for early summer with candle, chalice, athame, seasonal fruit and flowers.

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Altars change throughout the year depending on the season, reflecting the practitioner's patron deity. Suggested Articles. Businesses To Follow.