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I am look up lady Peoria IL dating scams on the internet wants fatties

Here's a warning for all Arizonans looking for love. There is a new online "romance scam" circulating around th There is a new online "romance scam" circulating around the Phoenix area, and many people using online dating applications or websites are sending thousands of dollars overseas.

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Looking to start a new relationship?

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For some, that may mean meeting a new love interest online. Millions of Americans use dating sites, social networking sites, and chat rooms to meet people. And many forge successful relationships.

But scammers also use these sites to meet potential victims. They create fake profiles to build online relationships, and eventually convince people to send money in the name of love.

Unfortunately, an online love interest who asks for money is almost certainly a scam artist. Below are some tips to identify a real romance versus a scammer cruising for a target. Please share this information with others. Victims may be embarrassed to talk about their experiences, but you can help.

I know I cant do anything until the sting occurs, however I would like to know if there is anything I can do to report it before anyone does get hurt or caught out. I went in with my eyes open and ready for it but some people are not so luck, by the way he is on Tinder Spain I would really like to know how best to catch this so and so before his ship gets invaded by "piratas" within the next couple of days lol His last message to me this morning!

I am in a state of confusion praying for God to help us here.

Our ship has developed a major fault here in the Indian Ocean and now we are moving at a very slow pace and our ship has been propelled by waves due to a rigid propeller. The information we are getting from the al house is that there are marine pirates from Somalia who are blocking the sea.

They are about km away from us and the closest place to anchor this boat is the island of Port Klang somewhere along the Indian Ocean coast in southern Malaysia to dock for safety.

From our location, it will take another 8 hours to reach the island. The captain of the ship has announced that all passengers must unload their goods for another means of transport, since the SHIP will bend until it is safe to continue sailing. Actually, I have my own valuables on this ship, like my watches and gold necklace, the DEED contract documents that I have with a Mexican company, my palm oil business capital.

I want to buy enough because I want to concentrate only on the palm oil business and I never wanted to sail again. I want to be on earth to enjoy my new home with you. I'm very afraid of losing all this to the dengerous pirates. OK - so I just met this guy 3 weeks ago on e-harmony, very smooth talker, and we have been texting everyday and same story he tells me I am his only friend and he is falling in love with me. His wife died 3 years ago and he has a daughter in school in Germany. He says he was born in Germany but now lives in US.

We have never met only text everyday and spoke to him one time. So he tells me he has to take a business trip to South Africa to the diamond mines. He claims he is a gemologist and was hired to go and certify diamonds.

I said to him don't you have a credit card, and he tells me that he did not bring one because the diamond mines and that area do not accept them. I say to him, your a grown man who told me you had to transfer 3 million dollars to the diamond mines before you went there and you don't bring a credit card. I told him to go to the bank there and get money, if you had 3 million dollars last week I am sure you have more money somewhere. Needless to say I am not sending him a dime. This is all happening right now, so I am going to tell him that I can not get the money and I will see what he says.

I am just glad that I did not give him my last name.

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This is just crazy and I am going to notify e-harmony. I have been chatting with a guy who I met on Zoosk told me he loved me after the first week! I had the same thing happen to me. The guy said hey to me on Instagram. His name was George Anderson.

His address was georgeanderson gmail. He deleted his Instagram and told me he didn't need it anymore because I was the one he had finally been waiting for. He also said he lost his wife during there third child birth.

He went on to even send me photos even though they were not of recent photos I believe them to be of him until I finally printed them all off and realized they were of different time periods. I also realized that the last pic was probably the recent pic of himself. Needless to say when he sent the last pic of himself he did not realize he had a shirt on saying 60 is the new sexy. How was this not a dead give away something is not right.

It is true right away not long after being off Instagram that he started to tell me how comfortable he felt talking to me and that eventually he was in love with me. Even showed me pics of his little girls which is probably grown now. NEEDLESS to say after a lot of other things that went on he did not get my money and once he did not get the money I saw another side of him that no women wants to meet. He had such a narcissistic behavior.

We ended up having bad words between us and ended the conversation by me blocking him on hangouts and deleting the app all together.

Ladies beware No man should ask you for money over the internet, these men are disgusting and preying on women hearts minds and souls. They are such losers they ought to be put in prison and throw away the key. He would not like it one bit if a man did this to his daughters. Good luck ladies I will try and post a pic for you to see this scum bucket that I actually fell for cause he was such a charmer I will not lie, but thank God I realize it before it was too late.

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I kept getting follow requests from good looking guys. We would chat. Nothing sexual or out of the way. All 3 were in the military. All 3 parents died, no other family, has a. Then they start calling me baby, sweetie, etc. I noticed they would end their sentences with "ok" all the time. Who talks like that lol. I figured they were scammers so I played along for 3 days. They professed their love for me lol. All wanted 50 dollar iTunes card.

I got a pic of a fake card online. And sent it. I hope they all still loved me after I blocked them lol.

Coincidentally at the time we started texting I received 2 calls from Nigeria. I suppose that was to test if my phone was valid. Lastly, watch out for social engineering. These scammers are extracting all sorts of information about friends and family. Identity theft comes to mind NOW. I have had the most fun stringing this idiot along, "it" who can say if it is male or female must be new to the game.

His ship was just about to be invaded by pirats however he managed to get to dry land.

I said to him, dont worry honey I will come and get you, I have enough money to buy you a ticket out of there. However he doesnt want the money and tells me if this packet has his whole world in it, if it is lost, he will die. I tell him, nothing is more important that life, get on the plane, if he still has his passport to send the and I will get the Home Office to issue him with travel documents. I get another message not even acknowleding that but telling me now it is so urgent to get the papes out I still do not know where he is by the way, just that he is a Mercant Seaman.

I told him that my friend is married to a police office and I will speak to him to get advice. Still he is undeterred. So eventually I had to send him my full name and address an address in Marrakech with a traditional female Moroccan name! He has several, albeit new, Facebook s. BTW his story is that he is at sea, he was born in Canada but one of his parents were Spanish and his wife and children were killed in a car accident so he returned to Spain and went to work at sea because he was so devastated.

So weeks ago I got a message request on Facebook from a woman named Cynthia Thomas when I looked at the message request it said it was from out of Nigeria. I get these all the time so I don't stress it.

First thing she does is talks about looking for love and all this other garbage. A few days later she tells me that she is in Pocatello Idaho however she can't spell Pocatello so instead of a saying Pocatello she writes post a Tello so I figured okay I'll ask her some questions about Pocatello and see how many she answers sad thing was she couldn't answer any.

That was strike 1. The next day she messages me on Facebook again and asks me to send her money or just buy a bunch of iTunes cards and give her the code on the back. I told her you're a scam artist and you actually think I'm going to buy you anything dream on cuz it's not going to happen.

Anyway blocked her and never heard from her again. Scam artists think that us Americans are all stupid well we're not. So has anyone heard of ronnie hatcher in air force havana cuba? Widow with 2. I feel so dumb. Good looking sweet talker. Met a man online, goes by Michael Caraway, lives in PA, works offshore in gulf of Mexico, has 16yr old daughter, asked for itunes cards, now asking for money to bail him out of offshore drilling accident, Needs money to pay for shipping of new machines.

Sound familiar?