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The city geologist has issued an opinion letter regarding development within the city's Landslide Moratorium Area.

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Though once slated for development including the projected route of Crenshaw Boulevardthe area is geologically unstable and is unsuitable for building. The geographical location and geological history of the peninsula make the remaining habitat extremely valuable for ecological and other scientific reasons.

The peninsula, which was an island with the Palos Verdes Hills in recent geological time, has close floral and faunal similarities to the Channel Islands. This feature makes the Portuguese Bend Landslide area a natural research laboratory for the study of island biogeography and evolutionary ecology. The vegetation found in the area is coastal sage scrub. This plant community supports a surprising and variety of species.

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There are at least three races of birds resident on the peninsula that are found nowhere else except the Channel Islands. These are the insular forms of the orange-crowned warblerPacific-slope flycatcherand Allen's hummingbird.

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The same phenomenon has been documented for plant species. A species of live-forever, Dudleya virenswhich is native to the Channel Islands and the Palos Verdes Peninsula, is found near Point Vicente Lighthousewhich was built in The area also serves as habitat to many migrating birds moving through the region in fall and spring. The Peninsula is a headland that juts into the Pacific Ocean several miles further than the surrounding coastline. Migrating terrestrial and shore birds, flying over the open ocean on their north-south migration along the Pacific Flywayspot this headland and stop to rest and feed.

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Many of these birds will stay and spend the winter in the area. Thus, the geographic position makes this habitat much more important than might otherwise be expected. In general, the area has been lightly disturbed, and much natural vegetation remains. Intense disturbances, in the form of heavy off-road vehicle and pedestrian use, have been limited.

Grazing also took place at one time. In other areas of the Los Angeles Basin archeological sites date back 8, years.

Portuguese bend

Chowigna and Suangna were two Tongva settlements of many in the peninsula area, which was also a departure point for their rancherias on the Channel Islands. By ownership of the land had passed from the Sepulveda through various mortgage holders to Jotham Bixby of Rancho Los Cerritoswho leased the land to Japanese farmers. Early in the 20th century most of Bixby's land was sold to a consortium of New York investors who created The Palos Verdes Project and began marketing land on the peninsula for small horse ranches and residential communities.

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The name Portuguese Bend comes from the whaling activities of Portuguese whalemen from the Azores. He brought with him a crew of Azorean whalemen.

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His operation at Portuguese Bend lasted from to During three winters December—April he obtained 2, barrels of oil from trying out the blubber flensed from gray whales he had caught on their annual migration along the California coast. He abandoned the station thereafter, establishing another further north at Pigeon Point. Fish Commission Report stated that whales had been caught from Portuguese Bend as late assuggesting another party utilized the area for whaling up until that date. Frank A. VanderlipSr. November 17, - June 30, was known as the "Father of Palos Verdes".

His daughter-in-law Elin Vanderlip maintained residence at the estate until her death in and her husband's ashes are spread on the grounds. Back then there was a clubhouse, restaurant, paddle tennis courts, 50 foot swimming pool, a sandy beach, and a foot long pier where boats could portuguese dating Bend OR up.

S, in Rancho Palos Verdes. As ofall of the "Big W" palms were gone. During the late Pleistocenethe Palos Verdes hills were an offshore island. The island later became a peninsula, when the region between the island and the mainland filled with alluvial deposits from the mountain ranges near the Los Angeles basin. The Palos Verdes Hills are part of an uplifted block, with a northwest trend, bounded on the northeast by the Palos Verdes fault zone.

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Most of the portuguese dating Bend OR along this fault is dip-slip, resulting in an uplift of about 1 km of the Palos Verdes Hills relative to the Los Angeles basin. Surficial deposits of the Palos Verdes Hills consists of stratigraphic layers, in order from oldest to youngest:. The ground surface in the central and southern parts of the district is low and hummocky, reflecting the location of numerous late Quaternary landslides.

These hills form an elongated topographic dome that rises from sea level to altitudes of more than meters. The Palos Verdes Landslide has been conducive to ground failure for approximatelyyears. The ground failure occurs on an overall smooth surface approximately feet 30 m below the surface. The ground failure over the years has been due to seaward-dipping strata, rock weakness and continual coastal erosion.

Prehistoric landslides are believed to be so extensive that they destroyed the formation of higher wave-cut benches. The active slide consists of landslide rubble such as bedded blocks, which are rare among most landslides. The bedded blocks measure ten feet 3 meters in diameter and they appear in landslide rubble. This shows ground disturbance which could eventually cause the land to slide. Though the Portuguese Bend area had a history of landslides going backyears and had been officially mapped as a landslide complex before the s, current slip in the Portuguese Bend area began incoincident with the construction of a road the Crenshaw Boulevard extension, south of Crest Road along the top of the ancient landslide complex.

This layer of bentonite slants down to the Pacific ocean enabling down-slope movement which continues to the present. A video newsreel was shot of the effects of the movement on the homes in the area. Each home had its own sewage treatment facility cesspool or septic system and home owners established lawns and gardens on their properties. Some homes were damaged, but others remain intact. Homes which remain occupied now have water and sewage lines available to them.

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The new lines were constructed above ground, so the slide can move freely below them. The first movement indication occurred on Friday, August 17, Cracking occurred in the foundation of a recently built structure. The cracks were repaired, but new cracking occurred just days later. Ten days after the first indication of movement, cracking propagated to Palos Verdes Drive South.

By September 4, an offset of 4 inches 10 cm was observed on the road.

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By mid-September, more pronounced cracking was observed. Distortion became noticeable on the Portuguese Bend pier on October 4 of that year. A survey station was installed to monitor ground movement. The amount it moves is unknown today.

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Drilling projects over the next several months determined the location of the slip surface, and the location of standing groundwater. The major part of the landslide consists of severely broken rubble. Individual rock fragments appear to be from the middle and upper units of the Altamira Shale, consisting of tuffaceous and silty shale.

Fractured blocks of diatomaceous shale are found on the south slope of Blakesley HIll. Individual fragments of chert and cherty shale are found throughout the slide, though they are more abundant west of Portuguese Canyon. At the toe of the slide, between Inspiration Point and Portuguese Point, are weathered boulders of basalt.

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Drainage within the Portuguese Bend district is characterized by a prevailing southward flow. Several canyons cross the district and act as the primary drainage features, including the Altamira and Portuguese Canyons.

These canyons trend southward through the slide complex. Drainage is controlled locally by landslide-related features, such as resistant landslide blocks or channels cut in softer zones. This article includes a list of general referencesbut it remains largely unverified because it lacks sufficient corresponding inline citations. Please help to improve this article by introducing more precise citations.

May Learn how and when to remove this template message. This section needs additional citations for verification.

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Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. April Learn how and when to remove this template message. Palos Verdes Peninsula News. Retrieved