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It was usually cheaper to steer the customer to swap decks than to try to jury rig the speaker-level outputs of the head unit, grafting them onto a set of RCA Plugs. The problem was those older amplifiers usually could not accept the speaker-level outputs, even at the lowest minimum gain setting, without leaving the customer with some sort of a useful volume knob. And, of course, there was the issue of noise fighting a low al-to-noise radio.

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All the world is a stage and men and women players, says the poet. It was years ago today the curtain was xx up on a new Nation.

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The ages had witnessed the incoming and outgoing of many a National tragedy. The birth and death of empires had been frequent. Like the swift course of a meteor, dynasties had climbed to the summit of power; empires had sprung into dominion; savage revolutions had surged over the earth and with a flash disappeared from view. Here and there a figure stood forth clearly defined against the background of events and became for the moment the star of the drama. Perhaps it was a king surrounded by the glorious antry of a luxuriant court; a prince leading his band of followers into the jaws of death, in the vain search for human freedom; a reformer calmly teaching the truths of a new philosophy to listening multitudes; a martyr offering his silent prayer to Heaven while his persecutors kindle the fagots which are to consume him.

From East to West, from North to South, in rapid transit the scene changes. Tragedy, tragedy everywhere. There was nothing of novelty in the announcement that a new Nation had been born and from the stage of action demanded audience. Among the thousands of nations which had sprung into reality and passed into oblivion, America ed but one more. Yet there was a promise of great originality of plot and purpose in this American drama. The scene was laid in a new continent. The wealth which lay buried in its bosom, the vastness and resources of its great unexplored interior, the wonders and phenomena which might be hidden amid its forests and mountains were all a mystery.

Its native people were a strange race, possessing the customs, habits and characteristics of savagery. Fringing the Eastern shore were settlements of a different people who had brought the customs, convictions and courage which belonged to civilization. In their hearts there burned the indomitable resolution to conquer Rockford beauties want to date you great continent, to reclaim its wildness to garner its wealth. Aye there is something xx there. What scene here? The curtain rises and behold the first scene of our National life.

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A small room, meagerly furnished. No pictures or decoration adorns the walls. No carpet covers the floor. It can be no hall of state.

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A row of leather covered stiff-backed chairs whereon are seated a few men with powdered wigs, knee breeches and silver shoe buckles. On a small dais in front sits the dignified Pres.

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One of their members is reading a report of a committee. That is all xx of some unusual import it must be for slim resolution and determination is depicted on each of those intelligent faces.

Death like stillness pervades the little hall. The powdered wigs nod in approval as the words are dropped one by one from the lips of the reader. It was a declaration of war upon a great Empire. Ah it was a mad conspiracy.

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Her fleets were powerful, her wealth enormous, her resources unlimited. Her very name had in it a power xx triumph with it. Victory had every perched upon her standard. The arms of her commerce had extended into every quarter of the globe. For years, she moulded the wealth and controlled the wealth of the civilized lands.

It had no army, no navy, no treasury, no money, no munitions of war. All the xx which years of tempestuous event, of ceaseless turmoil had xx was xx in that incomparable document. It was no conquest for governmental power.

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It was a contest for the enjoyment of inalienable rights and in the years of war which followed, God sent his power in the cause of America. The forefathers declared their independence and having so declared they heroically marched forth against the enemies of human freedom and the record of a hundred battles gallantly fought attest the sacrifices and heroism to which we are owe the existence of this, the greatest nation on Earth. We have met to-day in commemoration of that victory. We have come not as Catholics or Protestants, not as Jews or Gentiles, not as Democrats or Republicans, not as friends or enemies, but simply and solely as American citizens, rejoicing that the victories of Bunker Hill, Valley Forge and Princetown rendered it possible for us to enjoy the protection of so liberal a government and the possession of such beneficial institutions.

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For the day we have laid aside the petty differences which divided us yesterday. To-day we have buried our religions and political creeds and divisions beneath the broader scope of American principles and American liberty. It is the one day we have devoted to the instruction of American youth in American patriotism.

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It is the day we endeavor to tell him something of the grandeur of the liberty he enjoys. It is the day we try to teach him to love the American flag for the victories it has won and for the noble principles it symbolizes.

When we retrace history and revere the heroic deeds of the founders of the Republic; when we recount their hardships and privations and laud the courage and intrepidity which refused to stop short of victory. For years America has presented the everchanging, shifting brilliant scenes of her drama. The plot of the story is not — yet — worked out. It is for you, O young men of America, to choose the roles you will act. It is for you to decide whether our future shall be tragedy or comedy. Upon your choice hangs the destiny of a great Republic and the liberty and happiness of coming millions.

For you O young men of America, there is a splendid inheritance. It was earned by bloodshed and sacrifice. Billions of dollars have been expended and millions of lives have poured out their blood that you might receive these riches.

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From ancestors, brave and true, heroic and patriotic there has descended to you the guardianship of the greatest nation on earth. An empire young in years, mighty in power. In extent, it measures nearly all a continent. From the ice bound coast of Alaska to the sunny Southland where the date palm and banana grow side by side, there stretches an immensity of territory wherein is contained every variety of climate every diversity of resource, every incentive to the enterprise of man.

Within this great expanse, inexhaustible mines of glittering metal, vast valleys of golden harvest fields, boundless prairies of inestimable fertility, hills and mountains studded with stately forests, rivers lakes and ocean abounding with fish and game; walls cities and human habitations everywhere dotting its broad domain, perching on hills and mountain and shore; the smoke curling heavenward from its millions of furnaces, the buzz and whirr of its busy factories bespeak the glorious promise of life and comfort to its 60 millions of people.

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There is no nation on earth so rich, no empire contains such unexampled powers. Its resources are unlimited, its powers of production unsurpassed, its wealth is boundless. It has a constitution which for grandeur of conception and nobility of purpose has never been equaled.

You possess every political privilege for which revolutions have been agitated and dynasties overthrown. There is not a principle for which martyrs ever died or heroes contended, that you do not enjoy. For centuries men were burned at the stake, tortured on racks and pillaries, because they differed in religious belief.

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The U. For ages there was war, massacre, rapine, and murder, that Kings might rule over man by Divine Right. The American government recognizes no sovereign save the will of a majority of its citizens. Here you are free in your conscience, free in your persons, free in your speech. It matters not, what land may claim your birth; if you have become an American citizen, these wondrous privileges are yours.

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It was in Germany you gave the best years of your life to the military service of your empire. Here you are not drafted into the U. In England you gazed in envy upon the vast tracts of arable land closed against you, that the aristocracy might pursue the pastime of hunting, there, too, you were taxed upon your meager savings to support an established church in which you were not interested; here, lands of inexhaustible fertility are free to all and you are only taxed to defray the necessary expenses of the government.

In Finland, centuries of toil had left you a legacy of poverty from which there was no promise of relief. Here there is prosperity for all who are not idle. In Scandinavia, you were serfs; here the highest political honors are within your reach. In Belgium, your women were hitched to carts with dogs and Austria they were yoked with oxen to plow. Here horses are cheap and a woman can assume the position of a human being.