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Pembroke Pines, Florida is a great holiday destination. Offering you parks, trails, cinemas, shopping, nature preserves and more, it really does have something for everyone.

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Pembroke Pines is located in Broward County in Florida and is the eleventh most populated city in the state with a population of approximatelyThe city is a relatively new city having been incorporated in but this has not stopped it becoming a favourite place for people who love to be outside.

When World War II came to a finish many retiring servicemen came to the area to set up a home and it was this that dramatically increased the population of the area.

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A hurricane in added to the population when thousands of Miami-Dade County residents relocated to the area making it the third fastest growing city at the time. Smith Park is a acre site that is hugely popular amongst the local of Pembroke Pines.

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Here you can roll up in your RV and camp for the night with all off the other like minded people. There is also a water park that has various slides and a tube ride.

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There is also a tennis facility and a golfing center as well as many other recreational activities. If you wish to go for a picnic there are plenty of picnic shelters as well as several barbeque grills that are suitable for the whole family to gather around. When the shopping becomes too much you have a choice of over 20 different restaurants and bars to relax in.

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There are regular promotions and events held at the shopping mall so it is always worth checking in advance if you plan on a making a trip. Pines Ice Arena is a popular place with the locals that love their ice skating. Feel free to just turn up and hit the ice during the open sessions.

If you are looking to improve your skills though there are figure skating and ice skating lessons for people of all abilities. If hockey is more your thing you can a league or become a supporter of one of the existing teams that plays here. The rink has a shop on site for anybody that is looking to purchase some equipment and speak to a trained professional at the same time. The wetlands at the park are home to more than species of deer, marsh rabbits, alligators, insects and birds.

One of the highlights of the preserve is a 1, foot long boardwalk that visitors can walk along so get a closer look at the wildlife.

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Each Saturday you can rent a canoe so that you can take your exploring to the next level. The population of bald eagles has dwindled in Florida over the years and now it is very rare that you get to see one.

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There are various projects in place in Pembroke Pines to preserve the eagles and to make sure they are protected at all times. There is a beautiful course that was deed by John Sandford, the new course now includes lakes on three of the courses holes. When you have finished your round of golf you can go for a refreshing swim, play on a hard or clay tennis court or just relax in the restaurant or lounge bar. Sometimes in life we need to take a step back from things and just look after ourselves.

For those that are living a busy life there is no better place to feel pampered that at the Me Spa. The spa is set in a tranquil setting that has a soothing atmosphere to help you forget those worries.

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Highly trained staff have been operating at the spa since is opening many years ago so a top series of treatments is guaranteed. Six days a week the spa closes at nine giving you plenty of time after a hard day in the office to enjoy yourself. Tour helicopter specialize in helicopter flights over the south of Florida. They are based in Pembroke Pines and offer either shared group flights or a private flight special.

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There are so many beautiful sights to be seen from way above the county of Florida that even a short trip will leave you wanting more. Trips start at 30 minutes and can go beyond an hour depending on your budget. Skilled and d pilots operate the helicopters making sure that you safety is always put first. It is an indoor playground situated in Pembroke Pines.

1. go camping at c.b. smith park

There is an intergalactic playground that is nothing like anything you have seen before. It is split over four levels and has a space play area as well as laser tag. With free Wi-Fi and freshly roasted coffee it is a win-win for all involved. Source: groupon. If you have ever thought about flying for your own leisure or maybe working towards a private then you should consider doing it in Pembroke Pines. Triple heaven Aircraft Leasing have been training pilots from the Sunday flyer to the commercial pilot for many years. Working with a skilled instructor you can take to the skies for the first time to see if you are cut out for the job.

Dedicated plans can be drawn up to ensure that you get to follow your dreams. With the landscapes that Florida provides there is no better place to come and take part in a lesson. Leeward Paddle Tours is a company that was founded in to cater to the growing love of paddle boarding in Florida.

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With so many beautiful beaches and waterways to explore there is no better time to try than on a visit to Pembroke Pines. You can take a relaxing tour or embark on a challenging mission. All equipment is provided and there are various courses that are suitable for different ages.

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If you happen to reach the dizzying heights of one on TripAdvisor then you must be doing something right and the Village Tavern most certainly is. The tavern serves up a large selection of handcrafted as well as micro-brewed bottle and draft beers.

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These are served with a delicious selection of freshly prepared meals that are guaranteed to satisfy even the fussiest of palates. If you are looking to treat yourself on a trip To Pembroke Pines then you might want to consider a night at the Shamrock at Miramar.

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The building is made up of a series of apartments that are finished with cherry wood kitchen cabinets and include an oven and full cooking equipment. This wonderful place includes a large swimming pool as well as a fitness suite.

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With modern facilities your every need will be taken care of from the moment you arrive. Popular amongst locals if the Pembroke Pines dog park, it provides a great space for owners and their pets to play together. The parks are full of obstacles that your dog can crawl through or leap over. Owners can play with their dog or sit on the benches that are provided.

Each year there is an Annual Bow-Wow Ween Costume Contest that sees many local dogs participate to see who can win first prize. It features many skating challenges for visitors of all ages. There are 4 foot mini ramps, 8 foot decks and some 13 feet vertical ramps. There are also two street courses to try and tackle which include ramps, walls and other obstacles. Kids and adults that are young at heart are sure to enjoy themselves as they try to hone their skills or take to the ramps for the first time.

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