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Countywide Vision.

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Commission Meeting Agendas and Minutes. Cancellation notice Click link for cancellation notice.

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Our neighborhoods are the environment in which we live and raise our families. Blight and nuisances can devalue, detract, and degrade the quality of any neighborhood.

Recognizing the importance of protecting the home environment, the City has adopted codes that govern the use and maintenance of private property. While many of the City's codes deal with private residential property, there are codes that regulate the condition of commercial properties as well. Vehicles may park on the street, but must be in running condition. If not operable, i. They must also have current s and registration. Vehicles can be parked on the driveway, but must be in running condition and have current vehicle registration.

If they appear inoperable or junked out, you may be asked to remove them. A vehicle cannot be parked on a unpaved surface dirt or lawn area or lot. You can work on your own personal car in your garage.

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It must be registered at that address. A vehicle must not block a sidewalk or any other public right-of-way. Commercial trucks and trailers semi-trucks cannot be parked on the street in a residential neighborhood except when loading and unloading. Call Parking Enforcement at Call for information or complaints about abandoned vehicles on public or private property.

Recreation vehicles cannot be parked on the street for more than 48 continuous hours. After 48 hours the vehicle must be moved at least feet for a minimum of 48 hours before it can be returned. Recreation vehicles stored on residential properties must be parked on a paved pad and screened from public view to a height of 6 feet and stored behind the front setback.

The operation of a junk yard or auto dismantling yard is allowed only in an industrial zone and requires a special permit from the City Planning Commission. This kind of operation is not allowed in a residential neighborhood. Persons seen "dumping" their trash in public or private places can be prosecuted for this violation if the following information is available:.

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Name and address of violator. Eye-witness testimony. Vehicle plate .

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Physical description of violator. Any accumulation of garbage, trash, appliance, car parts, old furniture, scrap materials, etc. Call for information or complaints. Burrtec customers can call for bulky item pick-ups.

You can also visit their website at www. Trees, shrubs, lawns and other plantings shall be maintained, including regular irrigation, pruning of trees, trimming of shrubs and cutting lawns. Property shall be free of overgrown or dead vegetation, including but not limited to weeds, trees or limbs. There are rules for building fences. We recommend following the City's Guidelines outlined in the Development Code.

Please reference Municipal Code Chapter Call the Planning Division at if you have any questions about building a fence. The City will seek voluntary compliance whenever possible. But should it become necessary, the Municipal Code provides penalties:. If the bill is not paid it may be placed on the owners property taxes.

Let's build your future together.

Loose Dogs or Animal Complaints. Stopped-up Street Drains. Department of Public Works Non-working Traffic als. Police Department.

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Shopping Carts. Shopping Cart Retrieval Corp. Home ยป Counter Service Hours Monday - Friday a.

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No s are allowed to be posted on public property i. Citations may be issued if you conduct a yard sale on non-deated weekends. For more information please call Illegal Dumping Persons seen "dumping" their trash in public or private places can be prosecuted for this violation if the following information is available: 1. Please call for complaints regarding weed abatement.

Garbage, Trash and Bulky Item Pick Ups Any accumulation of garbage, trash, appliance, car parts, old furniture, scrap materials, etc. Unsightly or Deteriorating Structures 1. Buildings cannot be left abandoned, unsecured, partially destroyed or in an unreasonable state of partial construction. Unpainted buildings or paint that has been allowed to deteriorate so as to become unsightly are unlawful property nuisances. Buildings may not be left with broken glass or no glass at all. This constitutes a hazardous condition and invites trespassers and malicious mischief.

Graffiti must be painted over or removed. Yard Areas 1.

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Streets or Alley-Ways If you see a street or alleyway with piles of trash or debris, call and make a report. Fences There are rules for building fences. The graffiti removal program is a multi-faceted endeavor which involves various City departments, but we need your help to ensure unsightly graffiti is removed quickly and vandals are caught. Privacy Policy .