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You can your completed form to utilities savannahga. Current utility bill balance must be paid in full before transfer request can be made. If you are moving or selling your property, you will need to have your service disconnected.

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It took the Anne two months to travel from England to America. Here the colonists waited while Oglethorpe ventured ahead with Carolina Rangers to pinpoint the spot where they would settle. They traveled all this way without knowing exactly where they would be living!

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However, it did not take Oglethorpe too long to locate Yamacraw Bluff, a stretch of land one mile long overlooking the Savannah River. Circa Oglethorpe imagined the Georgia colony to be an ideal agrarian society; he opposed slavery and allowed people of all religions to settle in Savannah even though the charter stated that Catholics and Jewish people were not allowed. Oglethorpe defied this provision of the charter and allowed a group of Jewish people to settle in Savannah during the summer of In addition to his religious tolerance, Oglethorpe worked with and respected the local Indian tribes.

He established a relationship with the Yamacraw Creeks, protecting them from traders who wanted to take advantage of them and settling land disputes with treaties. The experimental garden belonged to the Trustees of the colony and was modeled after medicinal and botanical gardens in England.

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This garden would have plants to be used in medicines and plants for raw materials to make luxury goods, such as mulberry trees to feed the silkworms that the Trustees hoped would thrive in Georiga. Oglethorpe also grew orange trees, apple trees, pear tree, olives, figs, pomegranates, and other fruits that grew well in the warm climate. But the early days of the colony were soon overshadowed by the threat from the Spanish.

Oglethorpe found himself thinking more and more about how he could protect the citizens of the colony from an invasion from the Spanish. He repeatedly asked Parliament and the Trustees back in England for more resources to protect the colony.

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Inon a trip to England, Oglethorpe persuaded King George to make him a colonel in the British army and give him a regiment of soldiers to bring back to Savannah. Oglethorpe had minimal military experience, but he got what he wanted and found himself in charge of protecting not only Georgia but also South Carolina against the Spanish forces to the south.

Letter from James Edward Oglethorpe to the Trustees.

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February 22, The whole people arrived on the first of February. At night their tents were got up.

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I marked out the town and common. Half of the former is already cleared, and the first house was begun yesterday in the afternoon. Oglethorpe by Peter Gordon. March ye 1st, The first House in the Square was framed, and raised, Mr. Oglethorpdriving the first pinn [pin]. Before this we hade [had] proceeded in a very unSetled [unSettled] manner, having been imployed [employed] in Severall [Several] Different things Such as Cuting[Cutting] Down Trees, and Cross cutting them to proper lengths for Clapp [Clap] Boards and afterwards splitting Them into Clapp [Clap] Boards in order to Build us Clapp [Clap] Board Houses, which was the first de, but that not answering the expectation.

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We were now divided into Different Gangs. Sunday the fourth, after divine Service, we were ordered under Arms.

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Oglethorp, Ordered a Mark to [added: be] fixed up. James Edward Oglethorpe. Loading Comments Required Name Required Website.