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In the vault, the library keeps its most important items, especially those that are irreplaceable. The vault now houses the original materials from Camp Wworth and Camp Croft and the important collection of Willis photographs of Old Spartanburg. The vault is archaically correct as to temperature and humidity and has it own fire suppression system.

Materials kept in the vault are available for public use, but only when a Kennedy Room staff member is present. The library will list the YMCA materials on the vault list available for public use so that interested persons may know what to request.

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Excerpts from the book follow. The object of the meeting was responded to by a considerable of young men, and now bids fair to be largely increased. Lists for memberships are now open at Wofford College and at Dr. It is hoped that many will avail themselves of the great advantages afforded by an institution so beneficent in its moral purposes.

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All young men desirous of becoming members will please meet with us. A full and punctual attendance is requested as business of importance will be transacted. Fleming, President.

It was a complete success and is itself sufficient to establish the reputation of the Professor as one of the finest lecturers in the country. Rogers, Recording Secretary; J. Boyd, Treasurer; A. Coke Smith, Corresponding Secretary. Fleming, formerly of Spartanburg, had entered business in that city.

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Files of The Carolina Spartan, prior to Dr. The meetings were held in quarters over the First National Bank on the square — the rooms being provided free by the bank. This YMCA was described as a volunteer organization of young men who banded together for the social and moral improvement of themselves and the community advantages afforded by an institution so beneficent in its moral purposes.

In there were twenty-four members.

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The records of that year show that J. Gamewell, professor of Latin at Wofford College, was president; D. Dupre, Dr. Heinitsh and Stobo J. Simpson, vice presidents; F. Jones, secretary; and Charles P. Wofford, treasurer. The association rooms housed a good library and some games of recreation. All members served on a committee, and the committees named in that year were devotional, library, music, entertainment, hall, and visiting.

The librarian was James H. Kirkland, a schoolteacher who later became Chancellor of Vanderbilt University. Principal activities of the YMCA in were character building, religious studies, music and reading.

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According to the minutes of early meetings found among the papers of Judge J. McCorkle; A. Moore; James H. Carlisle, Jr. Anderson; R. Original minutes show this first meeting was held in the Baptist Sunday school room and was adjourned to meet in the Methodist Sunday school room on the next Sunday, February 5, Officers were J.

McCorkle, president; A. Moore, first vice president; J. Anderson, secretary treasurer. This is a good move and every good citizen of our town will rejoice in the step taken by the young men. For twelve months the association held a devotional meeting one night weekly.

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The membership soon increased to about thirty-five members, several of whom never attended a meeting. They also held devotional meetings each Sunday afternoon.

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These meetings were well attended by both ladies and gentlemen. During the first twelve months, the association did not ask for or receive any financial aid other than from the members. This building stood between Church and what was then the Southern Railway crossing. Attendance began to gradually increase. The first board of directors was elected on April 23,and consisted of the following: D.

Hydrick, Warren Dupre, A. Moore, W. Law, and W. These members elected Warren Dupre as president and W. Law as secretary.

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Carlisle became secretary upon the early reation of Mr. On April 25,J. At the next meeting, the board voted to secure and equip a gymnasium. The following names appeared on the early records: W. Rembert, J. Nicholls, J. Law, G. Hodges, F. Fant, D. Hydrick, H. Carlisle, A. Moore, G. Nicholls, T. Cannon, J. West Harris, Irvine Twitty, E.

Bacon, W. Law, Charles Scruggs, G. Hamer, E. Bomar, Rev. Dean, H. Ravenel, R. Chapman, George Kirby, Charles H. Carlisle, G. Hinnant, J. Burnett, J. L Fleming, T. Patten, C. Sanders, Elias Ball, J. McDowell, S. McCravy, F.

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