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R 90 min Action, Adventure, Thriller. A retired Special Forces colonel tries to save his daughter, who was abducted by his former subordinate. Director: Mark L.

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County government earned some well-deserved praise from The Sun and Daily Bulletin newspapers over the weekend.

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In the photo, she has her arm around my waist and is pulling me toward her as we sit at the breakfast bar of my house. We are both smiling, but I remember that I was pulling away slightly, just enough so that I could breathe. It is our dance, honed and perfected over the last 50 years, present since my first memory.

She is about average height at 5-foot She has short, fine gray and white hair — the beautiful sort that women envy — and a big smile that lights up the room.

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Each year, I continue to look more like her, especially evident in the smile. In the smiles we exchanged in the photo, it is obvious there is tremendous love. In mine, there is also an ease that I remember feeling about a third of the time on that day.

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The rest of the time, I felt agitated, having to continually remind myself that I was looking at God as I watched her knocking over everything and standing too closely to the guests with whom she talked. I know she only pretends to have a pencil and her date book because she asks me again and again to repeat the information each time we speak.

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Since she seldom feels well these days, she seldom answers the phone. My sweet, frustrating mom has rheumatoid arthritis, an illness that struck her rabidly in her late 60s. On chemotherapy for four years now, the drugs and chemo side-effects seem equally, or more, difficult than the condition itself.

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Once strong, agile and forceful, my mom has become crippled, mostly by a mind that repeats to her that she should be like she used to be. She lives in Maui now, as does my sister — who cares for my mom much of the time — and her family.

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I know that my mom would love nothing more than to stay with my husband, Jay, and me for awhile, but as much as I scorn myself for not being a better daughter, three days and nights with my mom is the longest I can do. Changing my behavior, on the other hand — being kind and loving regardless of how I feel — has changed the way my mom feels about being around me. She tells me how she really feels and I listen.

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She asks for advice, and I share what has worked for me. She can be reached by e-mail at divalaughs gmail. By The Sun thesun dfmdev. Mom is 75 now, three-quarters-of-a-century as she reminds me in every conversation. During any encounter with my mom, I feel relaxed about a third of the time.

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She tells me she feels safe. She comes to me when she needs to be comforted. In the end, I am able to give what I always wanted from her.

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Looking at the photo again, I see something that I missed before. Under the counter, my mom and I are holding hands. More in News.